One meal, many cultures

Recently I was lucky enough to dine at ‘Eight’ Restaurant in the Langham Hotel.  When described to me by a friend, the words ‘buffet’ and ‘hotel’ in the same sentence ensured my expectations remained modest, but as it turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong. Eight is a buffet of a different calibre – the restaurant houses eight kitchens which we toured through, each kitchen with its own chef-de-cuisine busily cooking selected cuts of beef, fish fillets, curries and favourite sushi delights.  The culinary styles included Indian, seafood, Japanese sushi and sashimi, classic American fare, a salad bar, a Parisian-inspired stand of breads and cheeses and a stunning range of desserts (including the chocolate fountain pictured here).

The variety was great, yet helping after helping complemented each other well, because the quality was also top notch. Highlights for me were the freshly made rotis – cooked while you wait, the Indian curries, the divine morsels of barbequed kingfish and the vanilla panacotta to finish.

While this sounds like a restaurant review, it’s not meant to be.  The experience just got me thinking about how much the mix and match of cultural cuisines is now considered the norm.  We see it at restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets and cook it ourselves at home all the time.  We often don’t even consider the origins of this fusion cuisine as it’s now so much a part of every day life.

I’m interested to know what some of your favourite multi-cultural meals/dishes are. Please post them up in the comments section below. I’ll start with a few of my favourites; wasabi ceviche, spicy thai beef tortillas and, of course, the butter chicken pie!

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