Why should foodies participate in the on-line space?

A blog is just one of the many forms of social media that is having a profound influence on consumers’ attitudes, knowledge and ultimately consumption habits.  The more traditional mediums remain just as relevant and important but you ignore the on-line space and the new breed of influencers communicating within this space at your peril.

Given the newness of this space to the business world and the rapid development of new social media platforms, the knowledge and skill level of people participating is wide and varied.  As qualified scientists, nutritionists and food industry experts we often find it challenging to accept the opinions of the new breed of influencers who are moving into this space.  But there is no question; their opinions are influential.

It’s therefore even more important to jump in and get involved.  The on-line social media universe is really only in its adolescence and we know how difficult teenagers can be to understand. But when they do grow up into more mature adults the real benefits become apparent.

There are also some new rules for interaction and for most people the best way to start out is simply to explore, participate, listen and learn.  I heard someone recently liken the rise of social media networks to the advent of the motor car.  When cars were new we all used to dress up and enjoy the journey, regardless of the destination.  Now that they’re an everyday necessity we see them as a means to an end.  So now’s the time to be enjoying your journey with social media – and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

There are endless numbers of food-lovers blogs out there.  Some of the health and nutrition related ones we monitor regularly are listed on the blogroll to the right of the page, and some good local information sites can be found amongst the links.  Please feel free to post your own favourites in the comments box.  We’re especially keen to know more about other nutrition and health blog sites from within New Zealand.

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  1. Hi Jane. You are absolutely right! As a non-tech person I am a bit intimidated by all this new social media. It’s easy to stick your head in the sand and keep on with the safe, old ways of doing things. But as you say, it’s just like the motor car. We can stick to our horse and cart, proclaiming it’s far safer and more practical, but if we do, we will soon be left plodding behind. So, with the help of my ‘pro-tech’ husband, I have grabbed the keys and started a nutrition blog. I’m still in the learner stage. Let’s hope I get my blog drivers licence soon! As a step in this direction I’ve “tweeted” your article :-)